Construction of Orphanages

1) St.Alphonsa Chidrens Home, Medaripet, Adilabad, Telangana
Required accommodation : 40 children

2) St.Dominic Childrens Home, Diphu, Assam
Required accommodation : 70 children

3) St.Alphonsa Balabhavan, Darenchegri, Tura
Required accommodation : 70 children

Construction of Village school
1) St.Dominic School, Diphu, Assam
2) St.Alphonsa School, Darenchgre, Meghalaya
3) Bl.Mother Teresa Village school, Luxettipet, Telangana

Construction of Residences
St.Alphonsa Care and Support center, Medaripet, Adilabad, Telangana
Bl.Mother Teresa Bhavan, Luxettipet, Adilabad, Telengana