Differently Abled

The sad plight of differently abled children in our society challenged us to start a special school, “Karunanilaya” for them. The humble beginning in a rented house with three children in 1995 by Fr.Mathew has grown into a big tree, which shelter more than 70 children.

Karunanilaya has given new lease of life and new dreams to more than 400 deaf and dumb children. They all are successful and found some job. We run boarding school and an ITI for those deprived of beauty of sound and speech, but are full of talents. We train them into good dancers, performers, sports people, accountants, tailors and able carpenters. Few work even in government sector as we have taught them up to diploma.

We are proud that we could break the practice of denying human growth to ‘less-fortunate’ children. Now they are free, trained, educated and earning for their families. Now the society is good to them as they are a blessing for society and family, through our hard work.