Educational Institution

Our educational institutions maintain a charity face. They were built due to demand of the local people and many are in the remote villages and forest area. Our St.Antony’s school at Iduvally can be accessed only after 7kms drive through forest. St.Dominic school at Diphu, Assam helps formation of faith and values.

Our schools usually cater to the villagers and children from our orphanages. Our teachers who are employed in schools, help children in the orphanages, at evenings. So they are mutually supportive to each other. Our value-based schooling has almost 5500 takers in different schools. Our nursery schools in remote villages give basic education at door-step.

Educational Institutions
1) St.Dominic School, Diphu, Assam
2) St.Alphonsa School, Darenchgre, Meghalaya
3) Bl.Mother Teresa Village school, Luxettipet, Telangana
4) St.Joephs Akshardama School, Shimoga, Karnataka
5) St.Antonys School, Shimoga, Karnataka
6) St.Sophia School, Chathankottunada, Kozhikode, Kerala
7) Map school, Chalakudy, Thrissur, Kerala