Goals & Objectives

• Harmonious peaceful happy living for all
• Live in justice with nature and humanity

Objectives of the Organisation

  1. Reaching the unreached through charitable institutions such as old age hoomes,Dispaesaries, home for the differently abled and borading for the disadvantaged children etc.,
  2. A sustaibale supportive system of quality education in participation with all the stakeholders of education
  3. Economic and social empowerment through village organisaitons, thrift and credit union and income generation program.
  4. Harmony with nature and humanity through responsible utilization of natural resources and uphlolding the social values.
  5. A group of farmersin the forefront who are convinced of the need of scientific farming along with proper livestock mangement and are using organic manure and pesticides to the maximum extent possible .
  6. A sustainable system that assures health and hygiene for all for a peaceful living.
  7. Collaboration with like minded organisations in the accompishment of organisatioal objectives.