Nutrition Projects

The project was started in 2012 in Dharanjgere, Tura district Meghalaya state. It covered 22 villages 1200 families. The people were trained to cultivate, prepare the nutrient-rich food. The local wisdom and locally available resources were widely used. Thus we stand against wave of capitalism in food. It was against the market – led business which was combated by local know-how. Mass participation by people gave it an edge. The unsolved problem of malnutrition could be easily checked by cheaper and best ingredients. Now it has become a model project for many government agencies and organizations. Improved health through appropriate, sufficient and safe food. Thus a restructuring of their improvement of lives took through application of scientific management of total output. We could achieve increased production from limited available land.

The given below is some of the impacts of the project
• Child mortality safe has gone low.
• Mothers are healthier now & common diseases are checked.
• Improved standard of living
• Exhausted income of Rural house-holds.