Project description For a Four Wheeler

Zion is a non governmental organization constituted in the year 1933 as a part of Missionary Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament, an Indigenous Catholic Sannyasa group. The principal office of the society is located at Kozhikode in Kerala Sate, India. It has 13 subsidiaries in the form of societies or trusts spreading all over India and abroad. All these units are encouraged to take up developmental activities and they function as sub projects of Zion. Our works are mainly among the poor, illiterate, and the marginalized. It covers formation and promotion of community organisations, upliftment of farming group, womens empowerment, establishing, administering and co coordinating various social welfare and training centres, orphanages and boardings, evening village tuition centres, old age homes and home for differently abled, village based educational institutions, and dispensaries, diary development projects, nutrition programs etc.,. The sub-units have their own local administration under which a team of social workers are active. All these units work with a participatory ideology along with the people, specially the weaker section of the community irrespective of race, caste, community or creed.

EMPOWER – A Unit of Zion in Tabora District, Tanzania
Zion members set their foot first in African soil in 2009.The central unit named EMPOWER has the aim is to strengthen the people through education, health care and social empowerment. Its administrative office is at Ilolangulu village which has a distance of 8 km from Tabora town.

Area - under EMPOWER Unit
The empower unit of Zion Organization has selected Ilolangulu and its 41 surrounding villages to implement various projects in view of its holistic development. The projects covers areas such as formation of self help groups, nutrition, primary education, sanitation and hygiene, sustainable agriculture and environmental protection etc., Survey has already been initiated by the empower personnel as a preliminary steps to these projects.

An Overview Project Area and the present Intervention of EMPOWER Unit
It is said to have three enemies in this project areas: poverty, illiteracy and sicknesses. The main challenges of the EMPOWER unit is also the same, i.e., to fight against these enemies. Water scarcity makes the lives of the people miserable. Though over 90% of the people are farmers only around 5% of their land is cultivated. Clean drinking water is a precious gift for them. Missionaries encourage people for water harvesting and give possible help to construct of ponds and wells. Many lack decent houses and dress. Though there are government run schools in the country many discontinue their studies a few years after their enrolment in the schools to earn something for the lively hood. There are many who have not attended the school at all. Missionaries are trying to encourage these children to go to the school providing them dress and study materials.

The poor living conditions contribute much to their diseases. The life-span of an average Tanzanian is considered to be 53 years. Malaria and AIDS are the main illnesses which causes the highest number deaths. EMPOWER unit conducts awareness programs and teach the people the need of keeping the surroundings clean. Malnutrition adds the death rate in the country. People are given guidance for the effective farming with the help of some experts and provide fertilizers to obtain the better crops. They have also started a campaign protect the environment. Poverty compels people cut trees and make living making charcoal and selling the wood.

Justification for a Four Wheeler
The villages in Ilolangulu is scattered far and wide, not less than 8km apart. The road leading to each village is muddy with a number of ups and downs. In rainy season the movement becomes practically impossible through either walk or with the help of two wheeler. In summer the situation is so difficult owing to dust every where. Apart from this the threat of smuggling and robbery cannot be neglected.

The villagers are some time able to produce a handful agricultural products and livestock items at home. But they don’t earn enough and fare income out of it as they are not able to bring it to the market due to the lack of transportation. Empower office is very keen in conducting different developmental programs in the center as well as different corners of the scattered villages. Many villagers lose these programs as they are unreachable to these centers. People in the villages are vulnerable to various diseases due to their life style and environmental factors. Many do not get proper medical care as their house is far from the dispensaries’ or clinics where no means of transportation is available.

These deplorable life conditions of our village people made us to consider buying a for wheeler so that we can reach out the needy and disadvantaged people various ways as the part of our empower project programs namely, educational projects, nutrition, sanitation, housing, agricultural help, micro financing and self help groups, water, hygiene, women empowerment through seminars etc, etc.

Conclusion Zion as the Umbrella organization has a big dream for the people of Tanzania. Commitment to the call of God motivated the Zion members to dedicate their life for various Philanthropic services in Tanzania. As the challenges have sky limit, Zion needs the support of our brethren all over the world in a spirit of fellowship and fraternity. We hope that the purchase of four wheeler will increase our capacity and confidence addressing the problems of Tanzanian people more effectively and efficiently.

NB: Quotation for the for Wheeler is attached here below: Toyota Tanzania LTD