Village Tuition Programme

Sight of 4800 children flowing to our free tuition centres – every evening! Daily classes and other learning activities to supplement their school hours, by trained and well-motivated personnel is the attraction of our village tuition programme, in Shikaripura and Shimoga taluks of Karnataka, India.

It covers 47 village, 85 centres, 2700 families and 4800 children. Life – lessons are also taught at joyful classes. Parents too are invited to learn about cleanliness, healthy food, clean habits, saving, patriotism, unity in diversity, responsible parenthood, relevance of education etc.

It gives love of learning back into hearts of children. A vision and motivation is filled into them, through integrated programmes. Our interventions into society for a better moral life and improved life-style are constant, regular and continuous. Indeed, it changes the face and mind of the interior villages.